Every summer the sun comes out, the weather gets warm, and everyone’s skin is tan and healthy. Well…not exactly. Without proper skincare, having the tan, healthy, and smooth skin we all want will be impossible. No one wants to deal with constant sunburn, acne covered, or way too dry or oily skin. With these summer skincare tips you won’t have to.


Did you know that only about 22% of adults in the U.S drink enough water everyday? That’s very few, no wonder so many people have skin issues. Drinking water helps to raise skin hydration levels and in turn decreases acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and dry skin. Improving hydration will also help to flush out toxins and many say give your skin a more radiant glow. A great way to know you’re drinking enough water is to have 8-10 glasses everyday. Especially during the summer months hydration becomes important as you’re sweating more, losing fluids faster, and needing to focus on replenishing these with refreshing glasses of water.

Incorporate Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidants help protect the skin from issues like pollution, too much sun, and other skin damaging particles. In addition antioxidants have powerful skin anti-aging benefits that keeps your skin young and glowing. Incorporating antioxidants in your diet will help avoid skin damage from sunburn, decrease acne, avoid aging, and altogether make your skin look better. Some great antioxidant foods are blueberries, fish, grapes, and many more can be found in our past article Best Antioxidant Foods.

Invest in Natural Sunscreen

Everyone knows that it’s important to use some sunscreen when spending longer periods of time in the sun but so few use it and when they do, they use low quality sunscreen. Using low quality sunscreen may feel like it’s blocking the sun but really it’s inviting a whole new group of problems as these sunscreens are filled with chemicals that humans weren’t meant to absorb. This is why it’s important to look at the label and ingredients when you go shopping for sunscreen and any lotions or skin products alike. Although the natural/organic sunscreens may be a few dollars more expensive your skin will thank you down the line as it won’t have to deal with harmful chemicals. Natural sunscreen will leave you well protected from and prepared for the sun.

Build up a Sun Tolerance

As it starts to get warmer and you start to go outside more often, think about the sun as you would starting a new habit of running. When you first start running you wouldn’t try to run 20 miles on your first day, if you did that you’d probably pass out. You start slow and you slowly build up as you gain endurance. The sun is the same way. Don’t start by spending 6 hours straight in the sun after minimal sun exposure during the colder months. Instead start by maybe doing 20-30 minutes everyday for a week then slowly build up from there as you adapt. If you use all these tips you’ll have the tan, healthy, glowing skin we all want this summer.

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