Everyone has body hair that they wish they didn’t have to deal with. When you have unwanted body hair, you may experience the frustrations of constant shaving, embarrassing experiences, and lower self esteem. Whether your body hair is too excessive, too spotty and uneven, or a struggle to manage, there is a solution. With laser hair removal you can look better, and feel better, never having to deal with unwanted hair again. Here are some of the top laser hair removal benefits.

Safety! No Skin Damage Necessary

With laser hair removal you can feel safe and confident that your skin will be well taken care of. Diolaze XL has a built in skin cooling surface that makes treatment more comfortable than other devices, with most patients noting that Diolaze XL is virtually painless. With a well prepared and highly qualified team like we have at Ageless you can rest assured that your laser hair removal will be a safe process!

Smoother Skin

Everyone wants smooth skin, but spending so much precious time shaving is a hassle and hard to keep up with. If this is you, removing the hair more permanently with laser hair removal is a great solution. Get rid of the hair that is keeping your skin from being smooth and spend less time shaving, and more time enjoying life. Laser treatment will go into the hair follicle and safely zap it so that you’ll finally have truly smooth skin.

No More Shaving

Did you know that women spend around 1,728 hours shaving just their legs in their lifetime? In addition men will spend around 1,080 hours shaving their beard and neck. Imagine how much time you’re losing to shaving. Now, think of the fact that laser hair removal will only take a few hours between all appointments, and treatments included. Finally, imagine how much more you could accomplish with over 1,000 extra hours in your life. Live more, shave less when you decide to take the step and get laser hair removal.

Precise Removal

There is no all or nothing in laser hair treatment. One of the best parts is that you decide exactly what goes and what stays. Maybe you want to keep hair in certain places, and remove it from others. That’s completely okay! The treatment will be to your choosing, and direction. Our team at Ageless will work with you to figure out exactly what stays and what goes so you can finally get rid of all the frustrating hairs.

Getting laser hair removal will help you feel better, look better, and save tons of time. With little to no side effects and a great staff like we have here at Ageless your hair removal experience will be safe, effective, and satisfying. Let us show you the laser hair removal benefits that make this aesthetic treatment worth it. Contact our team at Ageless Integrated Medicine today and get started on removing that unwanted hair!