At Ageless Integrated Medicine, we use the best technology to help you feel better naturally and holistically. By using the best technology, you know receive the best readings on what’s happening with your body. One piece of technology that gives us a clear picture of your starting point is the InBody 770 machine. We use the InBody 770 to get the most up-to-date, correct information regarding your body composition. With the InBody 770, we can help you better understand the composition of your body and use that information to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

How Accurate is the Machine?

The machine gives an accurate, personalized reading to each person. After the first weighing, your information stays in the cloud. We access the information each time you visit the office. Because it reports information about each individual who uses the machine, you know you receive the most accurate results based on your body composition.

When you use the InBody 770, you’ll walk out of the office with a printout of your starting point. With the InBody 770 machine, you can track your weight loss journey with this helpful piece of technology. In fact, many have documented the technology behind the InBody 770 machine.

Determining Body Composition

When it comes to weight loss, many people think they need to worry about their body mass index and the number on the scale. While those are two starting points, they don’t contribute as much as the information the InBody 770 does. As a whole, the InBody 770 machine provides more data points crucial to weight loss. In order to determine your body composition, we take measurements of your fat percentage, bones, water, and muscles. This gives a better picture overall.

Why Not Use BMI?

Many people look at BMI as the way to determine obesity. However, BMI only looks at your height and weight. Other factors are not included in determining your BMI. By using your body composition, supplied to us by the machine, we get a better picture of the areas to focus on. The more data points we have to work with, the more likely you’ll achieve lasting weight loss. That’s why we continue to weigh you using the InBody 770 machine during your HCG weight loss journey.

Avoiding the Skinny Fat Phenomenon

Additionally, using the machine helps us avoid the “skinny fat” problem that persists. If you just use BMI or your current weight, you may not think you have anything to worry about. However, the opposite is true. By getting comprehensive results, we’re able to see if certain levels of your body (like water weight or lean mass) are where they should be. Many people who have a slim appearance are surprised to learn they don’t have a high muscle mass.

Losing weight may be difficult, but with tools like the InBody 770 in place here at Ageless Integrated Medicine, we can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good. If you’re looking to lose weight and keep the weight off, consider the HCG diet offered here at AIM. Call the office now to get started with the HCG diet.