Just like any other diet, the HCG diet has restrictions on what you can and can’t eat. Overall, those restrictions help you lose weight. However, some social activities may present problems during your HCG diet regimen. At Ageless Integrated Medicine, we work with you to achieve ideal weight loss. We’ve compiled a list of activities to avoid during the HCG weight loss to ensure your diet doesn’t get thrown off by any social events.


Weddings are a happy occasion. However, attending a wedding during your HCG weight loss program may hurt your weight loss goals. Plus, many foods you shouldn’t eat are present during weddings. For instance, you should not drink alcohol during your weight loss program. But, at weddings, many times alcohol is included in the evening’s festivities. Also, weddings tend to have lots of sugary foods, especially in the wedding cake. Sugary foods are also listed on the foods to avoid list during the HCG diet. Unless you can resist these temptations while attending a wedding, we recommend skipping any weddings during your HCG weight loss program. If attending a wedding is something you can’t avoid, you need to make sure you stick to your diet to maintain the weight loss.

Many Social Activities

Family reunions, birthday parties, and wedding anniversaries serve a time to catch up with family you haven’t seen in a while. While it’s great to see family, the food served at these functions typically don’t help you with your weight loss. Many times, the foods brought in by your various family members aren’t HCG diet compliant. At these social events and activities, they tend to offer foods high in fat and sugar. In order to stick to your diet plan, you need to avoid those types of food. That’s why we recommend avoiding all family reunions, birthday parties, and wedding anniversaries while following the HCG diet.

Again, if you feel like you can’t avoid these gatherings, you need to stick to foods that you’re asked to follow while on the diet. Remember, there are some fruits and vegetables that are allowed on the diet. If fruit or vegetables trays are at the family reunion, it’s best to stick with those fruits and vegetables to help maintain your diet.

Eating at Buffets

Finally, we advise against eating at buffets during your HCG diet. Buffets allow you to fill up your plate as many times as you want. That goes against the calorie limitation the diet requires. Also, most of the foods included at a buffet do not follow the HCG diet protocol. Overall, while it may be difficult to avoid family reunions, birthdays, weddings or wedding anniversaries, during your weight loss journey, it is easy to avoid buffets. Stick to your diet plan in order to achieve ideal weight loss.

The above listed activities to avoid during HCG weight loss make it harder to achieve weight loss because of potential temptation. In order to avoid such temptations, we have listed activities to avoid during the HCG diet. At Ageless Integrated Medicine, we are eager to see you achieve your weight loss goals successfully. We provide you with different strategies to help you achieve weight loss. We AIM for a healthier, more radiant you. If you want to see what HCG weight loss can do for you, contact the office now.